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11 things you probably didn’t know about Ecuador

Posted on Thursday July 31, 2014

Ecuador is best known for the staggering Galapagos, the ‘home of evolution’. Although these islands are without doubt utterly incredible, there’s a whole lot more to this Andean nation than an archipelago 620 miles from the mainland. Here are a few of the most astonishing facts… Ecuador is the most biodiverse nation in the world, [&hellip

Las Ventanillas de Otuzco – a pre-Inca necropolis

Posted on Monday July 28, 2014

Many visitors to Peru make the mistake of thinking that the Incas were the only pre-Colombian civilisation of any significance. In fact, Peru is home to scores of Pre-Incan civilisations (some date back as far as 3500 BC) which were responsible for the cultivation of potatoes and beans and the domestication of llamas an alpacas, [&hellip

Pass the ‘yerba mate’ to the left hand side

Posted on Friday July 25, 2014

Anyone who’s got friends from Argentina, Uruguay or Paraguay will know a little bit about mate (or terere as it is known in Paraguay) but nothing can prepare visitors for just how popular this herbal drink is in the southern part of South America. This blog will take you through the basics, including how to [&hellip

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September Travel Photo and Review of SA Luxury Expeditions

Posted on Sunday September 29, 2013

We’ve had some pretty spectacular travel photos come in this month (you can see many of them on our page of SA Luxury Expeditions reviews). As a team, we’ve enjoyed browsing through them and finally decided to showcase three photos from Anil and Shwetha. This engaged couple (congratulations!) is a pair of resident physicians in [&hellip

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